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Reports and White Papers (Libraries)

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Reports and White Papers (Libraries)


This collection began in 2005 as an optional place to make available internal project and planning reports and issue papers written primarily for an internal audience. We find there is an interest in this type of reporting by other library professionals (outside OSU) as well. Depositing in this collection is a service to the profession as well as a means of internal communication.

Ideally when a research project is completed, the full final report is provided; however, where there are outstanding IRB considerations which need to be addressed, reports may be redacted or summarized with contact information for more information.

Faculty and staff at OSU Libraries consider "Open Access" to their research and scholarship a priority. In addition to this collection you will find "Presentations and Posters (Libraries)" and "Faculty Research Publications (Libraries)" as separate collections.

If you are aware of a research project undertaken at OSU Libraries but do not find it represented in one of these collections, please contact the investigator/author using the staff directory and request that information about it be deposited.

Oversight of this collection is assigned to the Library Faculty Association "ScholarsArchive Coordinator." The AY 2015-2016 coordinator is Jane Nichols, jane.nichols[at]oregonstate.edu

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