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The Messenger

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The Messenger


The Messenger is the official newsletter for Oregon State University Libraries, issued by the Friends of the Library biannually.

Editor: Daniel Moret

Published by Oregon State University Libraries.

Recent Submissions

  • Moret, Daniel; Chadwell, Faye; Petersen, Chris; Headrick, Charlotte; Landis, Larry; Fernandez, Natalia; Deas, Kelley; Verdugo, Nicthe; Brown, Marty (Oregon State University Libraries, 2017-10-10)
  • Moret, Dan (Oregon State University Libraries, 2017-02-15)
  • Chadwell, Faye A.; Moret, Daniel; Robertshaw, Brooke; Boock, Michael; Bahdee, Anne; Gilmont, Susan; Rempel, Hannah; McElroy, Kelly; Bridges, Laurie (Oregon State University Libraries, 2016)
  • Moret, Daniel; Chadwell, Faye A.; Hamblin, Jacob; Edmunson-Morton, Tiah; Brown, Marty; Vondracek, Ruth; Frier, Don; Hittner, Victoria; Deitering, Anne-Marie; Bridges, Laurie M. (Oregon State University Libraries, 2015)
  • Frier, Don; Layton, Jessicca; Gilmont, Susan; Mullen, Judy; Webster, Janet; Hussong-Christian, Uta; Buck, Stefanie; Clark, Erin; Bahde, Anne; Brown, Marty; Sutton, Shan; Chadwell, Faye A. (Oregon State University Libraries, 2015)