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  • Radovsky, Judy; Petersen, Chris; Cook, Kerrie; Boock, Michael; Wirth, Andrea A.; King, Valery; Sapon-White, Richard; Mellinger, Margaret (Oregon State University Libraries, 2008)
  • Butcher, Karyle S.; Kerrie, Cook; Radovsky, Judy; Vue, Philip; King, Valery; Mang, Alice; Mead, Cliff; Nielsen, Elizabeth; Petersen, Chris; Booth, Tom; Higuchi, Toshihiro; Chadwell, Faye A.; Klein, Michael; McCreary, Karl; Middleton, Cheryl (Oregon State University Libraries, 2009)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Melvin, George R. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1995)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Melvin, George R.; Darren, Noble (Oregon State University Libraries, 1995)
  • Griffin, Marcia; George, Melvin R.; Noble, Darren; Merrifield, Kathy; Daellenback, Keith K. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1996)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Butcher, Karyle S. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1997)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Butcher, Karyle S.; Stroud, Joshua (Oregon State University Libraries, 1999)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Butcher, Karyle S.; Caspers, Jean; Pribyl, Larry (Oregon State University Libraries, 2000)
  • Bokay, Kevin (Oregon State University Libraries, 2000)
  • Chadwell, Faye A.; Cook, Kerrie; Tuter, Tara; Rothe, Eric; Eath, Sokho; Reese, Terry; Petersen, Chris; McCreary, Karl; Vue, Philip; Hogue, Theresa; Lawhead, Jessicca; Butcher, Karyle (Oregon State University Libraries, 2010)
  • Cook, Kerrie; Deitering, Anne-Marie; McEdward, Franklin; Mellinger, Margaret; Hogue, Theresa; Reese, Terry; Petersen, Chris; Nielsen, Elizabeth; Vondracek, Ruth; Brewer, Linda; Barbour, Nancy; Griffis, George P.; Hussong-Christian, Uta; Gascho Rempel, Hannah; Edmunson-Morton, Tiah; Middleton, Cheryl; Nutefall, Jennifer (Oregon State University Libraries, 2011-12)
  • Petersen, Chris; Reaman, Micki; Sangathe, Trevor; Chadwell, Faye A.; Johnson, Thomas; Clark, Erin; Forgard, Benjamin (Oregon State University Libraries, 2012-07)
  • Chadwell, Faye A.; Hogue, Theresa; Reece, Terry; Fernandez, Natalia; Landis, Larry; Edmunson-Morton, Tiah; Mellinger, Margaret; Zhang, Amy; Vue, Philip; McCreary, Karl; Reaman, Micki (Oregon State University Libraries, 2013-03-14)
  • Lundeen, Bob; George, Melvin R.; Sigmund, Carol; Anamaet, Jos; Kinch, Michael P. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1992)
  • Lewis, Terry; Dalton, Cliff; Perry, Joanne; Butcher, Karyle S.; George, Melvin R. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1994)
  • Melvin, George R.; Dalton, Cliff (Oregon State University Libraries, 1994)
  • Avery, Bonnie E.; Esbensen, S.K.; George, Melvin R.; Powell, Nancy; Starr, Karen; Swanson, Stanley S.; Wallace, Alice; Warkentin, Janeann (Oregon State Univeristy Libraries, 1985)
  • George, Melvin R.; Brazee, Ed; Merryfield, E. Anne; Powell, Nancy; Sheffold, Donetta; Starr, Karen; Swanson, Stanley S. (Oregon State Univeristy Libraries, 1985)
  • Griffin, Marcia; George, Melvin R.; Dalton, Cliff (Oregon State Univeristy Libraries, 1996)
  • Griffin, Marcia; Thompson, Kim; Butcher, Karyle S. (Oregon State University Libraries, 1997)

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