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The Scab Sheet Vol.1 No.10

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dc.date.accessioned 2012-02-22T04:02:26Z
dc.date.available 2012-02-22T04:02:26Z
dc.date.issued 1969-05
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1957/27922
dc.description Page 1 The title sheet depicts the picture of a hooded executioner (labeled “Young,” presumably Alan Young of the English Department) holding an axe over a pile of men, including President Jensen. Dee Andros, in a football jersey, is leaping onto the pile. One man in the pile is making the “peace” sign with his hand. The page is formatted like No. 9 with a fist, half white and half black, next to “the SCAB SHEET.” en_US
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dc.description Page 2 “Sit-ins WILL CONTINUE” A human rights rally is described, as well as further injustices needing to be addressed by the university. “Dee’s Bird” An account is given of four OSU students giving Dee Andros the “peace” sign, after which Andros replied with an obscene gesture. The article is capped by a caricature of Andros with the caption: “WATCH THE BIRDIE!” en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 3 “Interview With Chicago Conspirator” John Froines, a professor at the University of Oregon and a member of the “Chicago 8,” a group accused of illegally crossing state lines to incite a riot (at the Democratic National Convention), gives his views on city planning. “Hazing” The practice of hazing is criticized, while the university is accused of looking the other way, despite its anti-hazing regulations. “Meddling” The English Department is accused of attempting to prevent two activists from speaking at a university event. “Jocks Vote Down Pumpkin” OSU’s football team is reported to have voted 73-15 in favor of accepting facial hair. An earlier Scab Sheet article reported that Andros would let his team vote and abide by its decision. The vote allegedly occurred while Andros was not present, and it also endorsed the Human Rights Commission Report on the Milton Case. Rumors are also fueled that the “fat man may soon resign.” en_US
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dc.description Page 4 “OREGON STATE GOTHIC” A caricature imitating the painting “American Gothic,” the “Judy” and “Harold” are standing in front of the Memorial Union. “Dean Chick” is standing on the MU steps saying “HAROLD!!”, and Judy is saying “I think Mother is calling, dear.” The bottom of the page is captioned with “THIS IS BRITTON COUNTRY.” The caption also appears on a button on Harold’s lapel. Harold represents ASOSU President Harold Britton. Dean Chick refers to Britton’s mentor, Dean of Students Robert Chick. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 5 “SCANDAL IN BRITTON’S GOVERNMENT” Harold Britton is accused of attaining his office as ASOSU President unethically, and appointing cabinet members in an untraditional and dishonest manor, as well as using his position to reward those who helped him gain the presidency or who promise to remain silent over corruption. “MINORITY AFFAIRS DISBANDED BLACK STUDENTS SOLD OUT” The Minority Affairs Committee is reported to have allegedly recommended its own dissolution due to the lack of black students in the committee. The disbanding is viewed by the Scab Sheet as the end of any hope of a black studies program at OSU. [Note: When reading this article, note that the second and third columns are in the wrong order.] en_US
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dc.description Page 6 “A RADICAL ANALYSIS OF THE UNIVERSITY” An analysis of the university determines that the present system is flawed (particularly in that it employs administrators), and does not support education. The supporting of research is criticized, as is the political roles of the administration. A picture in the article may possibly depict the Black Student Union walkout. “HUMAN RIGHTS FOR HERTAN OR STRIKE!” In an editorial, Jensen and Andros are labeled as “mothers” in apparent attempt at being derogatory. Further strikes are predicted, and change is urged for the university, insisting upon increased human rights. en_US
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dc.description Page 7 “OSU Black Panther day” The Black Panther Party gives ten demands for the Black Community in the United States. These demands include both monetary and idealistic requests. en_US
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dc.description Page 8 - books “Notes from the New Underground” An anthology is promoted which addresses the depictions of the “younger generation.” It appears to support movements demanding change. The new Beatles album is also praised, as well as selections from the musical “Hair.” The Portland radio station KPFM is also recommended. en_US
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dc.description Page 9 “PUPPET GOVERNMENT TAKES OFFICE (under police protection)” The newly elected ASOSU government is accused of being a “puppet government” and is accused of gaining power illegally. [no title] A caricature depicts well-dressed individuals labeled “Student Senate” enjoying dinner and tea while bodies lie before them, labeled “Student Body Elections.” A lady is holding a book titled “Etiquette.” en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 10 “FREE HERTAN” The plight of trackman Bob Hertan details the athlete’s suspension due to sideburns, mustache, and long hair. The Scab Sheet reaffirms its calls for the resignation of Dee Andros, but also adds track coach Berny Wagner to its demands. “Barometer LIES” The Scab Sheet accuses the Barometer of lying in an apparent war of words between the rival papers. en_US
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dc.description Page 11 [no title] The Junior Carnival on May 23 and 24 is advertised. The fonts and design of the advertisement depict a “psychedelic” theme. en_US
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dc.subject Scab Sheet en_US
dc.subject Dee Andros en_US
dc.subject Human Rights Commission en_US
dc.subject Minority Affairs en_US
dc.subject ASOSU en_US
dc.title The Scab Sheet Vol.1 No.10 en_US

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  • The Scab Sheet
    The Scab Sheet is a two volume underground student newspaper, 1969-1970. For more information: http://wpmu.library.oregonstate.edu/oregon-multicultural-archives/2012/02/24/scab-sheet/

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