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Oregon Marine Renewable Energy Environmental Science Conference Proceedings

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Oregon Marine Renewable Energy Environmental Science Conference Proceedings


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The Conference
The Oregon Marine Renewable Energy Environmental Science Conference sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) was held in Corvallis, Oregon November 28-29, 2012.

The Conference had three major goals:

  1. Showcase current primary research addressing environmental questions associated with wave and wind energy development in the Pacific Northwest;
  2. Synthesize new research and existing information with the aim of distilling it to facilitate planning and management duties;
  3. Identify gaps in our understanding of the technologies or potentially affected systems that may help determine where to focus future research efforts.

The items in this collection include the presentations from three sessions: agency perspectives and information needs, synthesis talks and featured studies. The complete proceedings will be available upon review by BOEM. The conference steering committe members were George Boehlert, Caren Braby, Ann Scarborough Bull, Mary Elaine Helix, Sarah Henkel, Paul Klarin and Donna Schroeder.

The Sponsor
BOEM manages the exploration and development of the nation's offshore energy resources. The bureau seeks to balance economic development, energy independence, and environmental protection through responsible management of offshore conventional and renewable energy development based on the best available science.

The Agenda
Conference: November 28, 2012
Welcome and Conference Objectives (George Boehlert)

Agency Perspectives and Information Needs
Welcome to Oregon, Governor's Office Perspective (Gabriella Goldfarb)
Welcome to Oregon, Federal/BOEM Perspective (Ann Bull)
Using Environmental Information in Decision Making at BOEM (Alan Thornhill)
Managing Marine Resources in Oregon's Territorial Sea and Stewardship Area (Patty Snow)

Session 1: Synthesis Talks
Effects of Altered Habitats and Fishing Practices in Wind and Wave Farms (Dan Wilhelmsson)
The Interaction of Pelagic, Migratory and Protected Fishes with MRE Projects (Pete Nelson)
Available Information Data Gaps: Birds, Bats, Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles and TE Species (Dave Pereksta)
Physical-Environmental Effects of Wave and Offshore Wind Energy Extraction: A Synthesis (Merrick Haller)
A UK Perspective on Marine Renewable Environmental Research (Ben Wilson)

Session 2: Featured Studies
Linking Habitat and Species Distributions in Areas of Potential MRE Development (Sarah Henkel)
Pacific Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment (PACSEA) Seabird Marine Mammal Surveys (Josh Adams)
Wave Energy Gray Whales in Oregon: Potential Risk and Mitigation (Barb Lagerquist)
Potential Impacts of Ocean Energy Projects to Migration and Habitat use of Green Sturgeon (Dan Erikson)
EMF and Marine Organisms (Milton Love)
Oregon Data Integration: A Perspective on Information Networking (Andy Lanier)

Session 3: Gap analysis
Environmental research on wave and wind energy off Oregon: a gap analysis (Greg McMurray)
Open discussion of findings and priorities of research needs

Session 4: Poster session (abstracts in full conference proceedings)

Experts Workshop: November 29, 2012
Summary of previous day (Mary Elaine Helix)

Session 1: Breakout Session
Guidance for the breakout sessions (Donna Schroeder)

Session 2: Breakout Group presentations and discussion
Next Steps and Concluding Comments (Ann Bull, Caren Braby, Paul Klarin)

Recent Submissions

  • Boehlert, George W.; Braby, Caren; Bull, Ann Scarborough; Helix, Mary Elaine; Henkel, Sarah; Klarin, Paul; Schroeder, Donna (U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2012)
    Development of wave and offshore wind-based marine renewable energy is anticipated on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) off Oregon and much of the Pacific Northwest in the coming decade. Multiple issues related to enviro ...
  • Anonymous (U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2012)
    Each of the three breakout groups received instructions concerning their objectives along with tools to use. Breakout Group Session 1: Baseline Studies Breakout Group Session 2: Impact/Short Scale Studies Breakout Gr ...
  • Bull, Ann Scarborough; Braby, Karin; Klarin, Paul (U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2012)
    The Chief of the Environmental Sciences Section of BOEM presented the federal perspective that focused on identifying and addressing data gaps. The manager of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Marine Resource ...
  • Nelson, Pete (U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2012)
    Fishes are expected to interact with Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) projects in ways dependent upon both the nature of the project in question and on the ecology of the species considered (Figure 1). The siting of MRE pro ...
  • Boehlert, George (U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2012)
    The speaker provided the background of the conference and its objective. The groundwork for the current conference was laid in earlier workshops and studies. These include the 2007 scientific workshop, "Ecological Effe ...