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Faculty Research Publications (Libraries)

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Faculty Research Publications (Libraries)


This collection was established in 2005 and includes published articles written by faculty and staff of the Oregon State University Libraries. A few papers published by library faculty have been added retrospectively (back to 1991).

Faculty and staff at OSU Libraries consider "Open Access" to their research and scholarship a priority. In addition to this collection you will find one for "Presentations and Posters (OSU Libraries)" and for "Reports and White Papers (OSU Libraries)."

If you are aware of an article authored by an OSU Libraries employee but do not find it here, please contact the author using the staff directory and request that information about it be deposited.

Oversight of this collection is assigned to the Library Faculty Association "ScholarsArchive Coordinator." The FY 2014-2015 coordinator is Michael Boock michael.boock[at]oregonstate.edu

Recent Submissions

  • Zhang, Hui; Yang, Kiduk; Jacob, Elin (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, 2013-09)
    Despite limited success, today’s information retrieval (IR) systems are not intelligent and reliable. IR systems return poor search results when users formulate their information needs into incomplete or ambiguous querie ...
  • Yang, Kiduk; Yu, Ning; Valerio, Alejandro; Zhang, Hui; Ke, Weimao (2007-06)
    In this paper, we describe a fusion approach to finding opinion about a given target in blog postings. We tackled the opinion blog retrieval task by breaking it down to two sequential subtasks: on- topic retrieval follow ...
  • Zhang, Hui; Dunn, Jon; Cowan, Will; Durbin, Mike; Wheeler, Brian (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2012-06)
    The idea of faceted search has received growing attentions in the digital library field for its potential of improving user satisfaction by combing the query and browse strategies interactively. Furthermore, with the tre ...
  • Valentino, Maura L. (Taylor & Francis, 2013-07-25)
    With the advent of the open access and open data movement, the preservation and availability of data has multiplied exponentially. This increased distribution and sharing of data has energized numerous fields of research ...