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Department of Integrative Biology

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Department of Integrative Biology

Recent Submissions

  • Looi, Siew Teip; Baer, Adela S.; Mohamad, Jalil (2016-12-29)
    This report, based on rural fieldwork, provides a translation aid in the case of the Temuan subgroup of Orang Asli (original people) of West Malaysia.
  • Kennedy, Theodore A.; Muehlbauer, Jeffrey D.; Yackulic, Charles B.; Lytle, David A.; Miller, Scott W.; Dibble, Kimberly L.; Kortenhoeven, Eric W.; Metcalfe, Anya N.; Baxter, Colden V. (Oxford University Press, 2016-07)
    Dams impound the majority of rivers and provide important societal benefits, especially daily water releases that enable on-peak hydroelectricity generation. Such “hydropeaking” is common worldwide, but its downstream im ...
  • Petersen, Ann M.; Earp, Nathanial C.; Redmond, Mandy E.; Postlethwait, John H.; von Hippel, Frank A.; Buck, C. Loren; Cresko, William A. (Public Library of Science, 2016-07-06)
    s Metrics Comments Related Content Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion Conclusions Supporting Information Acknowledgments Author Contributions ...
  • Morgan, Steven G.; Gravem, Sarah A.; Lipus, Adam C.; Grabiel, Marcos; Miner, Benjamin G. (Inter-Research, 2016-06-23)
    Trait-mediated indirect interactions (TMIIs) are an important component of food web structure and dynamics. We determined whether TMIIs occur in rocky tidepool communities on the west coast of the USA. In the laboratory, ...
  • Barner, Allison K.; Hacker, Sally D.; Menge, Bruce A.; Nielsen, Karina J. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016-01)
    1. Theoretical and empirical ecology has transitioned from a focus on the role of negative interactions in species coexistence to a more pluralistic view that acknowledges that coexistence in natural communities is more ...