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College of Forestry/Oregon Forest Research Laboratory (FRL)

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College of Forestry/Oregon Forest Research Laboratory (FRL)


Oregon State University's College of Forestry is beginning its second century of educating professionals. It has earned a reputation as a world-class center of teaching and learning about forests and related resources. The OSU College of Forestry offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in three departments: Forest Engineering,Resources and Management, Forest Ecosystems and Society, and Wood Science and Engineering. It also offers several interdisciplinary programs in collaboration with other colleges at OSU. The College operates 14,000 acres of College Forests. Most are within minutes of campus.

For additional information, refer to the College of Forestry website at: http://www.cof.orst.edu/college.php.


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  • Established by the Oregon Legislature in 1941, the Forest Research Laboratory conducts research leading to sustainable forest yields, innovative and efficient use of forest products, and responsible stewardship of Oregon ...

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  • Prive, Sean (2016-05-27)
    As species of ash trees become increasingly threatened worldwide by exotic pests and pathogens, it is important to develop descriptions of their ecologies that help guide the conservation and restoration of forests in wh ...
  • Meigs, Garrett W.; Zald, Harold S. J.; Campbell, John L.; Keeton, William S.; Kennedy, Robert E. (IOP Publishing, 2016-04)
    Understanding the causes and consequences of rapid environmental change is an essential scientific frontier, particularly given the threat of climate-and land use-induced changes in disturbance regimes. In western North ...
  • Larson, Julie E.; Sheley, Roger L.; Hardegree, Stuart P.; Doescher, Paul S.; James, Jeremy J. (Springer, 2016-05)
    Seedling recruitment is a critical driver of population dynamics and community assembly, yet we know little about functional traits that define different recruitment strategies. For the first time, we examined whether tr ...
  • Kim, Yaejun (2016-05-26)
    The mountain pine beetle has impacted over 5 million hectares of pine forests in the Rocky Mountains region in the United States. Although some beetle-killed stands are available for salvage harvesting, there are many un ...
  • McCluskey, Kevin; Alvarez, Anne; Bennett, Rick; Bokati, Deepak; Boundy-Mills, Kyria; Brown, Daniel; Bull, Carolee T.; Coffey, Michael; Dreaden, Tyler; Duke, Clifford; Dye, Greg; Ehmke, Erin; Eversole, Kellye; Fenstermacher, Kristi; Geiser, David; Glaeser, Jessie A.; Greene, Stephanie; Gribble, Lisa; Griffith, M. Patrick; Hanser, Kathryn; Humber, Richard; Johnson, Barbara W.; Kermode, Anthony; Krichevsky, Micah; Laudon, Matt; Leach, Jan; Leslie, John; May, Meghan; Melcher, Ulrich; Nobles, David; Fonseca, Natalia Risso; Robinson, Sara; Ryan, Matthew; Scott, James; Silflow, Carolyn; Vidaver, Anne; Webb, Kimberly M.; Wertz, John E.; Yentsch, Sara; Zehr, Sarah (American Phytopathological Society, 2016-06)
    The U.S. Culture Collection Network was formed in 2012 by a group of culture collection scientists and stakeholders in order to continue the progress established previously through efforts of an ad hoc group. The network ...