ScholarsArchive@OSU FAQ


1. What is ScholarsArchive@OSU?

ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University’s digital repository for research, scholarship, and historical records. OSU Libraries is responsible for collecting, maintaining, preserving, and providing access to the items in ScholarsArchive@OSU.


2. Who can contribute items to ScholarsArchive@OSU?

Members of the OSU community contribute to ScholarsArchive@OSU. If you have questions about specific types of content and whether they are appropriate for ScholarsArchive@OSU, please contact us.


3. What are the benefits of depositing my research or scholarly materials into ScholarsArchive@OSU?

1.   Universal access - Items in ScholarsArchive@OSU are available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. There are no fees to access work.

2.   Increased impact - Open access scholarship is cited more often than scholarship available via paid subscriptions. Increased visibility and use of open access scholarship boosts impact, as demonstrated by ScholarsArchive@OSU's download statistics.

3.   More exposure - ScholarsArchive@OSU makes your work freely available to anyone who may be interested.

4.   Easier information discovery - The full text of your work and its metadata is searchable, making it discoverable through Google, Google Scholar, other large search engines, and library search tools.

5.   Persistent access - Every work in ScholarsArchive@OSU is secured to a persistent URL that won’t break or disappear. You can paste this URL into any document, resume, CV, or webpage with confidence that it will work in the future.

6.   Long-term preservation - OSU Libraries is committed to maintaining and preserving content and associated metadata stored within ScholarsArchive@OSU.

7.   New computational research technologies - ScholarsArchive@OSU takes advantage of new computational research technologies to provide additional functionality, such as text mining and data linking.

8.   Highlight research - ScholarsArchive@OSU provides a showcase for your department’s research and scholarship. You can point to your department’s scholarship to attract scholars, researchers, and funding.

9.   Create a corpus of OSU research and scholarship - ScholarsArchive@OSU captures the intellectual capital of Oregon State University in one place. 


4. Who can access the items in ScholarsArchive@OSU?

The vast majority of items in ScholarsArchive@OSU are public and can be freely accessed by anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Users do not need to register or login to view or download items.

A small number of items are restricted to the OSU community at the request of the author. If you’re interested in viewing a restricted item, please email us using the Contact form, and we’ll attempt to put you in direct contact with the author.


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