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The mission at CoRIS is to study the theory, design, development and deployment of robots and intelligent systems in both the physical world and virtual environments.

The robotics revolution has begun, and there’s no turning back. Robots touch every corner of modern life. They’ve changed the faces of fields ranging from business, engineering, and communications to transportation, agriculture, medicine, and national defense. Robots have tipped the world’s economic balance by profoundly reshaping entire industries while generating entirely new ones. As robotic technology continues to advance, the possibilities seem boundless, but such rapid, relentless change also presents many challenges. How should our society prepare for a future so full of uncertainty, promise, and risk? What can we do to harness the power of robotics to serve us best? Complex questions like these gave rise to the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute (CoRIS) at Oregon State University, and the search for answers will fuel its mission for years to come.

Website: CoRIS

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