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The Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, with facilities in Pendleton and Moro, is a branch of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station at OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences. The Pendleton Station is co-located with the Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center, a unit of the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

Field research at both Pendleton and Moro emphasizes the production of wheat and rotational crops such as barley, legumes, and canola. Scientists at the Columbia Basin Center specialize in research and extension work important to the production of field crops on 2 million acres in north-central and northeastern Oregon. Wheat and barley in this region generate more than $300 million annually.


The mission of the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center is to conduct research and extend knowledge to enhance agricultural production on non-irrigated croplands while protecting the environment and sustaining rural communities in Oregon and beyond. We combine our individual talents and work cooperatively to achieve excellence in all our activities. We respond to the needs of the people we serve.

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