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The Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing facilitates genome-enabled and data-driven research in the life and environmental sciences at OSU and across the state. The Center offers leadership, training and services to faculty, staff and students through expert staff, core laboratories, computational facilities, seminars and technology workshops, and conferences. It also provides a focal point for researchers to establish contacts, initiate collaborations, and apply new technologies in their own laboratories.

Research in the CGRB and faculty affiliate laboratories seeks to improve health, better utilize natural and agricultural resources, understand our global environment, and develop new bio-based products and energy sources. Over 120 OSU faculty, holding primary appointments in academic departments of the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences; Engineering; Forestry; Pharmacy; Science; Veterinary Medicine; Public Health and Human Sciences; or Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, are affiliate members of the Center.

Website: Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

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