Youth and Family Marine Education Building Newport, Oregon: Conceptual Planning Study January, 2006 Public Deposited

Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center, located in Newport Oregon, houses various programs in its research and education complex. The Youth and Family Marine Education Building was planned in 2006 as an addition to the complex.


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  • Recognizing the need, opportunity, and potential for collaboration between the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, Oregon Sea Grant’s Youth Marine Education and Ornamental Fish Health Programs, Oregon Coast Community College Aquarium Science Program, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon Sea Grant convened a workgroup and funded this conceptual planning study for a new state-of-the-art youth and family marine education teaching facility. As the OSU programs at the Hatfield Marine Science Center grow, especially in the undergraduate and graduate areas, current teaching facilities could be stretched beyond their capacity. Similarly, there are limitations on the growth capacity for the youth programs at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. At the same time, there is a need to develop the art and science of informal education for youth and families. The use of this facility would be part of a social laboratory for OSU. The youth and family marine education building will enhance the overall experience of youth, students, families, and visitors, while reducing conflicts and incompatible uses of research and teaching needs. This new facility, designed with a green building concept, could potentially serve a variety of purposes and program needs for Oregon State University, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Oregon Coast Community College. T he purpose of this study and document is to serve as a useful tool for master planning and an aide to facilitating further discussions and development of collaborative programming.
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  • Participants 2. Project Summary 3. Evaluation of Alternative Sites 4. Description of Proposed Facility 5. Preliminary Sustainability Study and LEED Checklist 6. Anticipated Project Cost 7. Appendices
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