Messenger ; Vol. 22 No. 2 (Fall 2007) Public Deposited

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  • ASOSU and OSU Libraries team to create “Our Little Village”
  • OSU Press joins OSU Libraries
  • What is a bookplate?
  • J. Kenneth Munford (1912-2007)
  • Mysterious sounds in The Valley Library
  • Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award
  • Oregon State University Libraries messenger
  • OSU Libraries messenger
  • Thousands of tiles, five walls, one artist
  • The Scientist as educator and public citizen : Linus Pauling and his era
  • Gerald Williams Collection comes to the OSU Libraries
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  • From the University Librarian, pg.3 --Faculty and Staff News, pg. 4--Other Library News, pg.5 --Donor Corner, pg.6 --A Move for OSU Press, pg.8 --First OSU Press Director, pg.10 --A Cornerstone Collection Acquired, pg.11 -- OSU Conference Celebrates Linus Pauling, pg.12 -- Drop Off Daycare, pg.14 --Mosaics at The Valley Library, pg.15.
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