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100 years of progress : the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, 1888-1988

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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 141-143) and index.
  • This book was compiled to commemorate the one-hundredth an­niversary of the Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station. The sources for this history include: OSU College of Agricultural Sciences departmental histories, early Experiment Station meeting min­utes, early Experiment Station quarterly magazine, Oregon)s Agricul­tural Progress) Experiment Station Special Reports, history books, and personal interviews. At the end of most chapters in 100 Years of Progress) there are a number of excerpts from other publications. Some are narratives; oth­ers are chronological listings of events. In journalism, such items are called sidebars. These sidebars are included to help make the Agricultural Experiment Station's history come alive. This project could not have been undertaken without a generous grant from the Agricultural Research Foundation, a non-profit, scien­tific, and educational corporation which supports Oregon agriculture in close partnership with the OSU Agricultural Experiment Station.
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