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The Ore Bin ; Vol. 30 No. 6 (June 1968)

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  • The following pictorial article on the golden years of eastern Oregon, by Miles F. Potter and Harold McCall, is an abstract from their manuscript of a forthcoming book they are calling "Golden Pebbles." Potter is a long-time resident of eastern Oregon and an amateur historian of some of the early gold camps in Grant and Baker Counties. McCall is a photographer in Oregon City with a keen interest in the history of gold mining. The two authors have been working together for a number of years assembling photographs and data from many sources for their book. Their article and the accompanying pictures in this issue of The ORE BIN remind us of a commonly forgotten fact: that the discovery of gold in eastern Oregon had a tremendous impact on the economy and development of the entire region which is still felt a full century later. Gold mining was also the mainstay of the early economy of southwestern Oregon and played an equally significant role in the development of that region (see: "Lest We Forget," by F. W. Libbey, June 1963 ORE BIN ). Ed.
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