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Oregon State University. 2002 freshman survey results : Cooperative Institutional Research Program

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  • The Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s Freshman Survey (CIRP) was introduced in 1966. It was given to entering students at colleges and universities across the country and was the longest standing research on student’s attitudes, beliefs, and plans in the nation. This year 282,549 first year students were surveyed at 437 participating institutions. The CIRP was administered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California—Los Angeles with additional support from the American Council on Education. The CIRP Freshman Survey data was regarded as the most comprehensive source of information on college students and served as a resource for researchers in higher education around the globe (Sax, Lindholm, Astin, Korn, & Mahoney, 2002). The CIRP Freshman Survey posed questions covering a broad array of issues relevant to colleges and universities and the students attending them. In addition to demographic characteristics, CIRP asked students questions concerning their college expectations, high school experiences, degree and career goals, finances and reasons for attending college, and beliefs, attitudes and values. With over 30 years of research, the CIRP organization compiled national trends and also provided individual campuses with results compared to students in general as well as to like institutions. OSU’s comparators on this instrument were “public universities—medium selectivity.” OSU first administered the CIRP to incoming first year students in 1967. No follow-up was conducted until 2001 when the survey was once again administered to OSU entering students. The current report examined the 2002 CIRP data and where results differed noticeably from the 2001 results, from other public medium-selective colleges and universities, or between sexes the differences were noted. As with the reporting of the 2001 CIRP results, the 2002 CIRP report was “to present students’ perspectives and experience, not to describe a specific course of action for the university (Student Affairs Assessment Committee, p. 12) .“ It was hoped that CIRP data would foster conversation and thoughtful reflection regarding OSU first year students.
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