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  • Erosion is impacting a portion of the Estuary Nature Trail located adjacent to Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) facility, located on the south side of the Yaquina Bay estuary approximately one mile from the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. The HMSC Estuary Nature Trail is important to many trail users, as it is the only trail in the Yaquina Bay estuary running along side the bay. The erosion has resulted in curtailed access to the trail by the public, students, and researchers, and the reduction in trail usage is negatively affecting many users. The goals of this project were to (1) evaluate site conditions and begin to develop an understanding of the causes of trail erosion; (2) help develop potential conceptual alternatives to control the eroding portion of the trail, while, to the extent practicable, maintaining the natural and aesthetic values of the shoreline area; and (3) identify educational opportunities for both providing information on trail erosion and tsunami dangers and evacuation routes. A phased approach is being used for this project. Phase 1 (this project) consisted of an initial evaluation of the probable causes of erosion and identification of potential conceptual alternatives to help stabilize the eroding portion of the trail. Subsequently, based on the Phase 1 results and input received from the HMSC staff and Oregon Department of Land, Conservation, and Development (OLCD) staff, Phase 2 will include design of the preferred trail stabilization alternative.
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  • Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center is located in Newport, Oregon on Yaquina Bay. The research and education complex is situated in a 40+ acre site bordering the estuary, hence the maintenance of the estuary perimeter is critical. This 32 page report explores the problem and possible solutions.
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