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Messenger ; Vol. 6 No. 1 (Winter 1991) Public Deposited

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  • Basketball team supports the library
  • Docents seminars reveal library's treasures
  • Oregon State University Libraries messenger
  • Partners in education
  • From the director
  • Computer-assisted instruction in the library
  • OSU Libraries messenger
  • Third national conference on librarians and international development
  • The library of tomorrow is at Kerr today
  • A challenge to the corporation alumni
  • Friends of the library annual meeting - an invitation
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  • Partners in Education, pg. 1 -- From the Director, pg. 2 -- A Challenge to the Corporation Alumni, pg. 3 -- Friends of the Library Annual Meeting-An Invitation, pg. 3 -- The Library of Tomorrow is at Kerr Today, pg. 4 -- Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Library, pg. 4 -- Third National Conference on Librarians and International Development, pg. 6 -- Basketball Team Supports the Library, pg. 6 -- Docents Seminars Reveal Library's Treasures, pg. 7
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  • Friends of the OSU Libraries
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