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Research results on collection work of rangeland forages and forage species germplasm in some parts of Mongolia

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  • Vegetation and geographic region including forest steppe in Khangai Range, mountain steppe in Mongol Altai, desert steppe in the Great Lakes Depression, the Valley of the Lakes and Gobi Altai Mountains and Zuungar and Trans-Altai Gobi were covered by the scope of the investigation. 181 samples of 123 plant species belonged to 79 geniuses and 30 families were collected from the above mentioned areas during the investigation. Main part or 53% of plants collected represented grass and legume families which are great significance of livestock fodder. Geniuses including Elymus L, Agrostis L, Poa L, Agropyron Gaertn, Bromus L, Caragana Farb and Medicago L. were riches with new species and samples during the investigation. Endemic, semi-endemic and very rare species including Rosa laxa Retz, Elaeagnus Moorcroftii Wall. Ex schlecht, Allium altaicum Pall, Olgaea Llomonosowii (Trautv) Iljin, Caragana Bungei Ldb. and Halimodendron halodendron (Pall.) Voss. were also collected during the investigation. Two species from each of the 3 following genuses Elymus L, Melilotus Mill. and Medicago L. which are not registered as a wild form but grow in irrigated areas were collected.
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  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service;Research Institute of Animal Husbandy, Mongolia
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