Rice flour — A functional ingredient for premium crabstick

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  • Rice flour possesses functional properties in enhancing texture and whiteness. This study was carried 2 out to evaluate rice flour as a functional ingredient for premium crabstick and develop a commercially viable recipe for premium crabstick. Physicochemical properties of crabstick pastes prepared with 42% surimi, various rice flour concentrations (0, 1, 3, and 5%), and other ingredients were evaluated. The physical properties were measured during refrigerated and frozen storage. Rice flour measured at various concentrations (5% to 40% in water) using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) demonstrated similar patterns with an endothermic peak at around 63.5oC. During refrigerated storage up to 21 days, the strength of gel increased gradually, while cohesiveness stayed mostly unchanged. At 1% rice flour addition, fracture gel properties during 21 days of refrigerated storage showed optimum results. During frozen storage, water retention ability (WRA) gradually decreased as freeze-thaw (F/T) cycle was extended. However, the reduction was minimized as rice flour concentration increased. Two different crabstick samples (control and 1% rice flour) demonstrated no difference in strength and cohesiveness of gels. Rice flour (1%) can be used to replace various starches as a functional ingredient in premium crabstick.
  • Keywords: rice flour, texture, gelation, crabstick, color
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  • Hur, S., Cho, S., Kum, J., Park, J., & Kim, D. (2011). Rice flour - A functional ingredient for premium crabstick. FOOD SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 20(6), 1639-1647. doi: 10.1007/s10068-011-0226-z
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  • 20
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  • 6
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  • This work was financially supported by Korea Food Research Institute, Korea.
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