Quantification of Biomass Production Potentials from Trees Outside Forests—A Case Study from Central Germany Public Deposited


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  • Woody biomass of trees outside forests (TOF) is gaining increasing interest in many countries as it is a renewable energy source that has not been managed for bioenergy production. Our case study describes two independent approaches to assess regional area of TOF as a means for the biomass production potential of TOF within a study region in Germany, the Göttingen district (area: 1118 km²): (1) a statistical sampling with field inventory data, and (2) an area-wide GIS-mapping approach based on open access aerial imagery. For our particular study, the differences between the mapping based approach and the sample based approach were minor (sampling: 24.37 ha and 16,670 t of dry wood per year with a relative standard error 11.6% vs. area-wide mapping: 24.35 ha and 16,055 t, standard error not available). Due to a minor difference of only 3.7% between the two approaches we conclude that area-wide mapping serves as a sound basis for a quantification of bioenergy potentials from TOF. It also shown that only about 62% of all TOF objects (74% of the total annual biomass production) would be directly accessible via the existing road infrastructure (without heavy machinery). In terms of available end-use energy, the regional biomass potential translates to an annual amount of 233 TJ which in turn reflects only about 0.9% of annual end-use-energy demand in the study area. This marginal contribution to the region’s energy supply is due to the fact that TOF covers only around 24 km² (~2%) in our study area.
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  • Seidel, D., Busch, G., Krause, B., Bade, C., Fessel, C., & Kleinn, C. (2015). Quantification of Biomass Production Potentials from Trees Outside Forests—A Case Study from Central Germany. BioEnergy Research, 8(3), 1344-1351. doi:10.1007/s12155-015-9596-z
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