Estimating option values and spillover damages for coastal protection : evidence from Oregon’s Planning Goal 18

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  • Estimating nonmarket benefits for erosion protection can help inform better decision making and policies for communities to adapt to climate change. We estimate private values for a coastal protection option in an empirical setting subject to irreversible loss from coastal erosion and a land-use policy that provides identifying variation in the parcel-level option to invest in protection. Using postmatching regressions and accounting for potential spillovers, we find evidence that the value of the erosion protection option is between 13% and 22% of land price for parcels vulnerable to coastal hazards, implying that owners of oceanfront parcels have a subjective annual probability that they will experience an irreversible loss absent the option to protect between 0.7% and 1.3%. We also find that, because of altered shoreline wave dynamics, a parcel with a private protection option generates a spillover effect on protection-ineligible neighbors, lowering the value of neighboring land by 8%.
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