Biodiversity and ecology of lichens of Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks and Preserves, Alaska Public Deposited

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  • We inventoried lichens in Lake Clark (LACL) and Katmai (KATM) National Parks and Preserves. We assembled the known information on lichens in these parks by combining field, herbarium, and literature studies. Our results provide baseline data on lichen occurrence that may be used in resource condition assessments, vulnerability assessments, long-term ecological monitoring, and resource management. We report a total of 896 taxa of lichenized fungi from the Parks, adding 889 taxa to the total of seven taxa reported for the Parks by the National Park Service database and including ten new species first published elsewhere. An additional 15 lichenicolous fungi are reported here. Seven non-lichenized fungi associated with young living twigs of particular host species are also included. Sixteen species are new to Alaska, and six species new to North America (Caloplaca fuscorufa, Lecanora leucococca s.l., Ochrolechia brodoi, Protoparmelia memnonia, and Rhizocarpon leptolepis). Four new combinations are made, Cetraria minuscula, Enchylium millegranum var. bachmanianum, Lathagrium undulatum var. granulosum, and Protomicarea alpestris. Additional new species based on collections from the Parks have been described in separate publications.
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