The Generation Challenge Programme Platform: Semantic Standards and Workbench for Crop Science

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  • The Generation Challenge programme (GCP) is a global crop research consortium directed toward crop improvement through the application of comparative biology and genetic resources characterization to plant breeding. A key consortium research activity is the development of a GCP crop bioinformatics platform to support GCP research. This platform includes the following: (i) shared, public platform-independent domain models, ontology, and data formats to enable interoperability of data and analysis flows within the platform; (ii) web service and registry technologies to identify, share, and integrate information across diverse, globally dispersed data sources, as well as to access high-performance computational (HPC) facilities for computationally intensive, high-throughput analyses of project data; (iii) platform-specific middleware reference implementations of the domain model integrating a suite of public (largely open-access/-source) databases and software tools into a workbench to facilitate biodiversity analysis, comparative analysis of crop genomic data, and plant breeding decision making.
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  • Bruskiewich, R., Senger, M., Davenport, G., Ruiz, M., Rouard, M., Hazekamp, T., ... & van Hintum, T. (2008). The generation challenge programme platform: semantic standards and workbench for crop science. International Journal of Plant Genomics, 2008. doi:10.1155/2008/369601
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  • 2008
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