Semimonthly bird records through 1992 for Lincoln County, Oregon; Part II: Records sorted by species

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  • This paper supersedes and significantly revises my compilation of 1992. The focus remains on live birds seen on or from land, but special codes are now given for records of species only reported beached or at sea. Additionally, confirmation codes are now listed for records of some rare species and rare unseasonal records. Shortcomings to these records are discussed at length. 404 species have been reported for Lincoln County, but when erroneous or hypothetical records are excluded, the total is 349 species, five of which are humanly-introduced species that are not self-sustaining. Many species are rare or uncommon as only 236 species are not Review Species. Our best records began in 1973, when I started compiling them, and our best yearly totals were during 1982-1992, when 242-253 species/year were recorded. 16 species appear to have arrived within the past 100 years and are now regularly reported, but, because of the paucity of records prior to 1973, it can be difficult to determine which other species have increased or decreased.
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  • Bayer, R. D. 1995. Semimonthly bird records through 1992 forLincoln County, Oregon: part II: records sorted by species. Journal of OregonOrnithology 4:395-543.
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  • 4
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  • Chap. 1. Introduction pg. 395-- Chap. 2. Methodology of Semimonthly Records pg. 396-- Chap. 3. Shortcomings pg. 399-- Chap. 4. Some Results pg. 410-- Chap. 5. Format of Computer Files and of Semimonthly Records pg. 417-- Chap. 6. Semimonthly Records: Species Listed Alphabetically pg. 422-- Acknowledgments pg. 542-- Literature Cited pg. 542
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