Context-Aware MIML Instance Annotation: Exploiting Label Correlations With ClassIfier Chains Public Deposited

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  • In multi-instance multi-label (MIML) instance annotation, the goal is to learn an instance classifier while training on a MIML dataset, which consists of bags of instances paired with label sets; instance labels are not provided in the training data. The MIML formulation can be applied in many domains. For example, in an image domain, bags are images, instances are feature vectors representing segments in the images, and the label sets are lists of objects or categories present in each image. Although many MIML algorithms have been developed for predicting the label set of a new bag, only a few have been specifically designed to predict instance labels. We propose MIML-ECC (ensemble of classifier chains), which exploits bag-level context through label correlations to improve instance-level prediction accuracy. The proposed method is scalable in all dimensions of a problem (bags, instances, classes, and feature dimension), and has no parameters that require tuning (which is a problem for prior methods). In experiments on two image datasets, a bioacoustics dataset, and two artificial datasets, MIML-ECC achieves higher or comparable accuracy in comparison to several recent methods and baselines.
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  • Briggs, F., Fern, X. Z., & Raich, R. (2015). Context-aware MIML instance annotation: exploiting label correlations with classifier chains. Knowledge and Information Systems, 43(1), 53-79. doi:10.1007/s10115-014-0781-8
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  • 43
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  • 1
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  • This work is partially funded by NSF grant 1055113 to Xiaoli Z. Fern, and the College of Engineering, Oregon State University.
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