Censuses of Black Brant at Yaquina Estuary, Lincoln County, Oregon

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  • Black Brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) had two different seasonal patterns of occurrence at Yaquina Estuary. At embayment areas with eelgrass (Zostera marina), Brant typically arrived between October 22 and November 4, Brant numbers progressively climbed in November, Brant abundance in December-January was relatively constant, and Brant numbers often fluctuated greatly during spring migration in February-April. At a site near the estuary mouth where there was little eelgrass, Brant customarily only appeared during spring migration. About 300-500 Brant wintered at the Yaquina in the 1980's, and usually fewer than 700 Brant were counted during spring migration.
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  • Bayer, R. D. 1996. Censuses of Black Brant at YaquinaEstuary, Lincoln County, Oregon. Journal of Oregon Ornithology 6:723-780.
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  • 6
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  • A. Introduction pg. 724-- B. Study Areas pg. 724-- C. Methods pg. 726-- D. Shortcomings of Observations pg. 727-- E. Results and Discussion: Censusing Techniques pg. 728-- F. Results and Discussion: Brant Foraging Behavior and Diet- 730-- G. Results and Discussion: Nocturnal Brant Behavior pg. 732-- H. Results and Discussion: Brant Distribution pg. 733-- I. Results and Discussion: Fall Arrival pg. 735-- J. Results and Discussion: Brant Abundance inNovember-January pg. 736-- K. Results and Discussion: Are Brant Wintering orPassing Through? pg. 736-- L. Results and Discussion: Onset of Spring Migration pg. 738-- M. Results and Discussion: Brant Fluctuationsduring February-May pg. 738-- N. Results and Discussion: Brant Rarity in June-EarlyOctober pg. 739-- 0. Results and Discussion: Change in Brant Abundance? pg. 739-- P. Results and Discussion: Disturbance pg. 743-- Q. Results and Discussion: Other pg. 745-- R. Figures and Tables pg. 746-- S. Acknowledgments pg. 776-- T. Literature Cited pg. 777
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