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  • Users interested in customizing their Primo installation are required to configure specific settings, files, and code during the View setup process. A consequence of this is that unique customizations are not easily sharable between institutions. With the release of the new Primo User Interface, Ex Libris has enabled institutions to manage interface customizations via the Package Customization Manager. In the summer of 2016, an Orbis Cascade Alliance working group investigated the efficacy of the Package Manager as a means of centrally sharing and deploying Orbis Cascade Alliance Primo Toolkit customizations. By virtue of passively loading customizations to the central package, each institution could pass custom parameters with local JS in order to adapt central customizations to the specific needs of that institution’s users. This article will address both the potential and the limitations of the Primo Package Customization Manager. It will also provide best practices for consortia seeking to centrally manage and share Primo enhancements and it will identify areas of future development for centrally shared customizations.
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