Waterbird records for the Siletz River and some creeks in the Siletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County

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  • This article is based on a total of 204 observations, many of which were censuses. Between Siletz River Mile (RM) 50.0 and 50.6, Llewellyn made 151 observations of waterbirds during 1981-1993. He noted a total of 12 species; most were seen during several years. Hooded and Common mergansers and American Dippers nested or were seen with young. Llewellyn and other observers also made 37 other Siletz River observations in the Siletz/Logsden area. Most of the same species were seen as between RM 50.0 and 50.6, but one Bald Eagle was also noted feeding on a salmon carcass. Llewellyn and other observers made 16 observations of creeks in the Siletz/Logsden area. American Dippers were the most common and widespread species, and they also nested. For all sites, the individual observations are given.
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  • Llewellyn, B. and R. D. Bayer. 1994. Waterbird records for the SiletzRiver and some creeks in the Siletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County.Journal of Oregon Ornithology 2:139-161.
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  • Chap. 1. Waterbirds Between River Mile 50.0 and 50.6 of the Siletz River pg. 139 -- Chap. 2. Other Waterbird Records for the Siletz River in the Siletz/Logsden Area pg. 155 -- Chap. 3. Waterbird Records for Creeks in the Siletz/Logsden Area pg. 160 -- Acknowledgments pg. 161 -- Literature Cited pg. 161
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