Schrock's bird records for the Siletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County

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  • There were 5,776 records during 1981-1986 observations, with 99% of these observations during Schrock's systematic 1982-1985 observations. He found 32 waterbird and 99 landbird species. 16% of the waterbird species were noted each year during 1982-1985, and 58% of the landbirds were recorded each year. Semimonthly summaries of the observations are given for each species, along with arrival and departure dates.
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  • Schrock, F. and R. D. Bayer. 1994. Schrock's bird records for theSiletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County. Journal of Oregon Ornithology 2:208-225.
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  • 2
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  • A. Introduction and Schrock's Birding Influences pg. 208-- B. Authors' Division of Labor pg. 209-- C. Study Area and Methods pg. 209-- D. Tolerable Observation Effort (TOE) pg. 209-- E. Shortcomings of Observations pg. 209-- F. General Results and Discussion pg. 210-- G. Figure and Tables pg. 211-- H. Species Accounts pg. 214-- I. Literature Cited pg. 225
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