Extremely efficient photocurrent generation in carbon nanotube photodiodes enabled by a strong axial electric field Público Deposited

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  • Carbon nanotube (CNT) photodiodes have potential to convert light into electrical current with high efficiency. However, previous experiments have revealed photocurrent quantum yield (PCQY) well below 100%. In this work, we show that axial electric field increases the PCQY of CNT photodiodes. In optimal conditions our data suggest PCQY > 100%. We studied, both experimentally and theoretically, CNT photodiodes at room temperature using optical excitation corresponding to the S22, S33 and S44 exciton resonances. The axial electric field inside the pn junction was controlled using split gates that are capacitively coupled to the suspended CNT. Our results give new insight into the photocurrent generation pathways in CNTs, and the field dependence and diameter dependence of PCQY. Keywords: carbon nanotube, exciton dissociation, carrier multiplication, scanning photocurrent microscopy
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