Waterbird records for West and East Ponds, South Beach Peninsula, Lincoln County

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  • In 1984-1986, Bayer made 171 and 67 waterbird censuses at West Pond and East Pond, respectively. From 1974 through June 1992, Bayer and others also made an additional 138 and 110 observations at West Pond and East Pond, respectively. A total of 48 waterbird taxa were reported at West Pond, and 23 waterbird taxa were discovered at East Pond. At both Ponds, Great Blue Herons and Belted Kingfishers were common, but no waterbirds were observed nesting. The records for each census or observation are given, as well as each taxon's monthly maximal abundance.
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  • Bayer, R. D. 1993. Waterbird records for West and East Ponds, SouthBeach Peninsula, Lincoln County. Journal of Oregon Ornithology 1:35-70.
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  • 1
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  • Chap. 1. Waterbird Records for West Pond pg. 35-- Chap. 2. Waterbird Records for East Pond pg. 59-- Acknowledgements pg. 70-- Literature Cited pg. 70
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