Waterbirds at ponds and fields in the Siletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County

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  • This article is based on a total of 353 observations, many of which were systematic censuses. At West Beaver Pond, Llewellyn made 225 observations of waterbirds during 1982-June 1993. He noted a total of 19 taxa; 53% were seen in five or more of the 10 years with many observations. Wood Ducks, Mallards, Ring-necked Ducks, and Hooded Mergansers nested or reared young at this Pond. At the Siletz Sewage Ponds, Schrock and Faxon independently did almost all 29 observations during 1981-1989 and noted 32 taxa. There was no indication that any waterbirds nested or reared young here. At Gravel Ponds near the Logsden Store, Llewellyn and Schrock independently made almost all of the 58 observations during 1983-1991. A total of 21 waterbird taxa were recorded, and Pied-billed Grebes, Cinnamon Teal, Hooded Mergansers, and perhaps Spotted Sandpipers nested or reared young here. At four other small ponds in the Siletz/Logsden area, Llewellyn did 17 observations in 1986-1991 and recorded seven species. At six fields in the Siletz/Logsden area, Llewellyn made almost all of the 24 observations during 1985-1991. Seven waterbird species were noted. At each site, the records for each observation are given, as well as each taxon's monthly presence.
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  • Llewellyn, B., F. Schrock, D. Faxon, and R. D. Bayer. 1994. Waterbirdsat ponds and fields in the Siletz/Logsden area of Lincoln County. Journal ofOregon Ornithology 2:101-138.
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  • Introduction and Authors' Division of Labor pg. 101 -- Chap. 1. Waterbirds at West Beaver Pond Near Bob Llewellyn's Logsden Home pg. 102 -- Chap. 2. Waterbirds of the Sewage Ponds at the Town of Siletz pg. 120 -- Chap. 3. Waterbirds of Gravel Ponds near the Logsden Store pg. 127 -- Chap. 4. Waterbirds at Four Other Siletz/Logsden Area Ponds pg. 134 -- Chap. 5. Waterbirds at Six Siletz/Logsden Area Farm Fields pg. 136 -- Acknowledgments pg. 138
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