STEM Faculty Instructional Data-Use Practices: Informing Teaching Practice and Students' Reflection On Students' Learning Pubblico Deposited

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  • This paper explores the affordances and constraints of STEM faculty members' instructional data-use practices and how they engage students (or not) in reflection around their own learning data. We found faculty used a wide variety of instructional data-use practices. We also found several constraints that influenced their instructional data-use practices, including perceived lack of time, standardized curriculum and assessments predetermined in scope and sequence, and a perceived lack of confidence and competence in their instructional data-use practices. Novel findings include faculty descriptions of instructional technology that afforded them access to immediate and nuanced instructional data. However, faculty described limited use of instructional data that engaged students in reflecting on their own learning data. We consider implications for faculty's instructional data-use practices on departmental and institutional policies and procedures, professional development experts, and for faculty themselves.
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  • Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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