Measurement of K⁺ production in charged-current ν[subscript]μ interactions

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  • Production of Kþ mesons in charged-current νμ interactions on plastic scintillator (CH) is measured using MINERvA exposed to the low-energy NuMI beam at Fermilab. Timing information is used to isolate a sample of 885 charged-current events containing a stopping Kþ which decays at rest. The differential cross section in Kþ kinetic energy, dσ=dTK, is observed to be relatively flat between 0 and 500 MeV. Its shape is in good agreement with the prediction by the GENIE neutrino event generator when final-state interactions are included, however the data rate is lower than the prediction by 15%.
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  • Marshall, C. M., Aliaga, L., Altinok, O., Bellantoni, L., Bercellie, A., ... & Zhang, D. (2016). Measurement of K⁺ production in charged-current ν[subscript]μ interactions. Physical review D, 94(1), 012002. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.94.012002
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  • 94
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  • 1
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  • This work was supported by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory under U.S. Department of Energy Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 which included the MINERvA construction project. Construction support was also granted by the United States National Science Foundation under Award No. PHY-0619727 and by the University of Rochester. Support for participating scientists was provided by NSF and DOE (USA), by CAPES and CNPq (Brazil), by CoNaCyT (Mexico), by CONICYT (Chile), by CONCYTEC, DGI-PUCP and IDI/IGI-UNI (Peru), and by Latin American Center for Physics (CLAF).



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