Ambient Hydrolysis Deposition of TiO₂ in Nanoporous Carbon and the Converted TiN/Carbon Capacitive Electrode Public Deposited

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  • Ambient Hydrolysis Deposition of TiO2 in Nanoporous Carbon and the Converted TiN-Carbon Capacitive Electrode
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  • Despite the considerable advances of deposition technologies, it remains a significant challenge to form conformal deposition on surface of nanoporous carbons. Here, we introduce a new ambient hydrolysis deposition method that employs and controls pre-adsorbed water vapor on nanoporous carbons to define the deposition of TiO₂. We converted the deposited TiO₂ into TiN via a nitridation process. The metallic-TiN-coated porous carbon exhibits superior kinetic performance as an electrode in electrical double layer capacitors. The novel deposition method provides a general solution for surface engineering on nanostructured carbons, which may result in a strong impact on the fields of energy storage and other disciplines.
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  • Wang, X., Raju, V., Luo, W., Wang, B., Stickle, W. F., & Ji, X. (2014). Ambient hydrolysis deposition of TiO₂ in nanoporous carbon and the converted TiN¬carbon capacitive electrode. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(9), 2901-2905. doi:10.1039/c3ta14278g
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