Ambient Hydrolysis Deposition of TiO₂ in Nanoporous Carbon and the Converted TiN/Carbon Capacitive Electrode Public Deposited


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  • Despite the considerable advances of deposition technologies, it remains a significant challenge to form conformal deposition on surface of nanoporous carbons. Here, we introduce a new ambient hydrolysis deposition method that employs and controls pre-adsorbed water vapor on nanoporous carbons to define the deposition of TiO₂. We converted the deposited TiO₂ into TiN via a nitridation process. The metallic-TiN-coated porous carbon exhibits superior kinetic performance as an electrode in electrical double layer capacitors. The novel deposition method provides a general solution for surface engineering on nanostructured carbons, which may result in a strong impact on the fields of energy storage and other disciplines.
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  • Wang, X., Raju, V., Luo, W., Wang, B., Stickle, W. F., & Ji, X. (2014). Ambient hydrolysis deposition of TiO₂ in nanoporous carbon and the converted TiN¬carbon capacitive electrode. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(9), 2901-2905. doi:10.1039/c3ta14278g
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  • 2
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  • 9
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  • This research is financially supported by Oregon State University (OSU). We are grateful to Ms. Teresa Sawyer and Dr. Peter Eschbach for their help in SEM and TEM measurements in OSU EM Facility, funded by National Science Foundation, Murdock Charitable Trust and Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute.
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