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  • This paper aims to reveal consumers’ preferences for quality graded fish products based upon existing data on first-hand sales in Denmark. The data represents the value of fish for consumption as a non-differentiated private good. The objective is to measure the welfare gains to society of an increase in “quality” for major fish species. The demand for Quality Extra and quality A-fish is estimated using an Inverse Almost Ideal Demand System (IAIDS-model) as the functional form of demand on first-hand sales data following the European Union established trade norms for quality-grading and size-categories. Secondly the possibility of estimating changes in consumer surplus as the welfare gained by society of a general increase in quality of landed fish is discussed. However, the estimates on consumer surplus are not yet completed. The model adopted is a pricing model for the implicit price of the characteristic “quality” which necessarily is part of the product i.e. fish for consumption. Today the Danish market for fish does not explicitly state the “quality” of fish in the consumers market. This is generally a credence parameter. There are no objective verifiable standards available to the consumer and this is an element of trust in the word of the fish retailer. This paper shows the first results of adopting a revealed preference model for indirect benefit estimation on existing quality differentiated fish at first-hand sales. We explicitly discuss the assumptions of “weak complementarity” and “derived demand” necessary to run the model.
  • Key words: fish quality, revealed preference, consumers’ preference, derived demand, IAIDS-model.
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  • Roth, E., et al. The Value of Fish Quality. In: Microbehavior and Macroresults: Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, July 10-14, 2000, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Compiled by Richard S. Johnston and Ann L. Shriver. International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET), Corvallis, 2001.
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  • Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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  • Shriver, Ann L.
  • Johnston, Richard S.
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  • International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade; U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service; MG Kailis Group
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