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  • With the economic globalization, the consumption demand of Chinese residents has changed gradually. The paper analyzes consumption tendency of Chinese residents from two aspects, those are per capital consumption level and consumption characteristics. On the one side, per capita ownership of fish and fishery products of China is above the world average level, whereas per capita consumption of that is not high. In 2011, per capita household consumption of urban and rural residents is 14.62 kg and 5.36 kg respectively. Meanwhile, there evidence obvious gap between urban residents and rural residents and among different regions. On the other side, under the condition of economic globalization, with the growing of per capita income, the increment of population size, the improvement of urbanization, the enlargement of aging population and the change of consumption custom and preference, the per capita consumption level of Chinese will undoubtedly rise year by year. In the end of the paper, with the data of sampling, the change in seafood consumption features of Chinese residents is given.
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