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Women Fish Processors' Perceptions of Micro-credit by Source in Ondo State, Nigeria

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  • This study explored how micro-credit benefits women processing cultured catfish into smoked form by obtaining and analyzing their perceptions. The specific objectives included identifying micro-credit sources used, sources preferred and ranking factors considered when deciding on a micro-credit choice. Multi-stage sampling technique was used in selecting 120 processors analyzed. Analytical tools used included descriptive and inferential statistics. About 92.0% of the respondents was between 25-55 years indicating being economically active. About 17.0%, 38.7% and 44.0% of respondents sourced micro-credit from Cooperatives, Family/Friends and Government, respectively. Eighty-eight percent of micro-credit users accessed it in the last one year and 78.0% utilized it for intended purposes. Also, 78.0% disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement that access to micro-credit is particularly difficult for women. T-test revealed that profit made by users was significantly higher than that of non-users. There were varied perceptions by respondents in terms of statements relating to aspects of micro-credit from various institutions. The four most popular reasons considered in the choice of micro-credit included timeliness of funds release (93.7%), magnitude (77.8%), speed of application processing (67%) and severity of reprisals during default (56.4%). These reasons were ranked first to third by 32.0% of micro-credit users. Present a guarantor (62.5%) and depositing part of the micro-credit as saving (37.5%) were the most mentioned constraints. It is concluded that micro-credit is a veritable means of keeping women fish processors productive and thus government policies meant to encourage more women to access and effectively use it need be put in place.
  • Proceedings of the Eighteenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, held July 11-15, 2016 at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center (AECC), Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
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  • Challenging New Frontiers in the Global Seafood Sector: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, July 11-15, 2016. Compiled by Stefani J. Evers and Ann L. Shriver. International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET), Corvallis, 2016.
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