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Research reports : 77th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference Public Deposited

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  • Proceedings of the 77th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference, held January 8-9, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon. These are research reports only, not management recommendations.
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  • Portland, Oregon, USA
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  • S.-J. Ahn, M.-Y. Choi. Antennal Transcriptome Analysis of the Spotted Wing Drosophila: Sexually Differential Gene Expression (Poster) / K. V. Graham, J. Lee. Water Spray and Predator Egg Releases for Azalea Lace Bug Control / C. Hedstrom. Update on Current Biocontrol and Eradication Programs by the Oregon Department of Agriculture / J. C. Lee. The Type of Spotted Wing Drosophila That Get Trapped / J. C. Lee, A. Cave, T. Neill, B. Williams, W. Mahaffee. Botrytis and Spotted Wing Drosophila / H. Mcintosh, V. Skillman, J. Lee. Foundations for Biocontrol of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug with the Parasitoid Trissolcus japonicus / D. Rendon, V. Walton, S. Castagnoli. Does Proximity to Cherry Orchards Disrupt IPM in Pear? Preliminary Results from the Hood River Valley / E. Rudolph, D. M. Lowenstein, H. Andrews, N. Wiman. Observations on A Specialist Predator Wasp Attacking Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in the Pacific Northwest / A. Schreiber. The State of Pest Management in Legal Cannabis Production in Washington / A. Schreiber, T. Walters, C. Holladay. Controlling Spotted Wing Drosophila in Raspberries Berries Without Violating MRLS / S. Bee Tang, J. Lee, M. Y. Choi. Non-Nutritive Sugars to Control Spotted Wing drosophila / P. Chakrabarti, S. Rana, S. Bandopadhyay, D. G. Naik, S. Sarkar and P. Basu. Pesticide Induced Olfactory Impairments in Native Indian Honey Bees / P. Chakrabarti and R. Sagili. Sterol Nutritional Physiology of Honey Bees / D. Walsh. Leafcutting and Alkali Bee Pesticide Safety Trials / C. Holladay. Pesticide Residue Analysis in Regulated Markets / A. Adesanya and D. Walsh. Quantifying Acaricide Resistance in Tetrantychus urticae Infesting Peppermint Fields / M. Montes De Oca, and S. I. Rondon. Determining Vertical Distribution of Thrips / D. Walsh & D. Groenendale. Insecticide Efficacy Trials in Alfalfa Produced for Seed / T. D. Waters. Thrips Control in Dry Bulb Onions / D. Walsh, D. Groenendale, & T. Brooks. Acaricide Trials on Hops 2017 / A. Schreiber. Lygus in Potatoes / D. I. Thompson, and S. I. Rondon. Chemical Control of Lygus Complex in Potatoes / P. Yang, and S. I. Rondon. Controlling the Colorado Potato Beetle in the Pacific Northwest / L. Komnenus, J. C. Lee. Lace Bugs with Indumentum Bearing Leaves / R. Rosetta, L. Nackley, J. Pscheidt, H. Zhu. Preliminary Evaluation of Intelligent System Retrofit Sprayer in Nursery Production
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