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Monitoring and measuring the effects of the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) in fisheries communities. The case of Galicia

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  • The European Union, under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, implement the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD). This programme is designed to address the main challenges faced in the fisheries areas by proposing and testing new solutions by the coastal population. In this sense, Spain plays a key role due to the irrelevance of maritime activities such as fishing, aquaculture, fish processing or coastal tourism. Particularly, Galicia(NW Spain) is one of the most highly dependent fisheries areas across Europe. This fact is reflected in the number and financial budget of the Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), representing the 49% of the total budget for Spain.This presentation presents a stepwise process to quantify the socio-economic impact of the Galician FLAGs. The approach analyses what CLLD challenges the projects address, the participation of the fisheries sector and the quantification of the projects' impacts in the wider economy. Implemented to follow-up near 400 projects for the period 2016-2021, it allows for monitoring at multiple levels (local, group, regional), multiple sectors (e.g. within the seafood value chain) and multiple impacts (from project implementation to business operations). The approach provides a systematic way of measuring the benefits for both the coastal communities and the entire economy, reinforcing the appraisal, development and evaluation of the CLLD.
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  • Vigo, Galicia, Spain
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