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Shark and octopus’ fisheries in the southeast of Mexico: market trends, market barriers, and fisheries value-chain inequities

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  • Given the high pressure in fishing resources, the interest of going beyond the resources and understanding market trends, market barriers, and fisheries value-chain inequities, has increased in the last decade. This knowledge is necessary to improve those chains and to promote better financial returns for fishers and market participants, in the search of sustainable fisheries. We present the analysis of vale chain of sharks and octopus fisheries, which face different challenges. The former show signs of decline in catches and the risk of exploitation of potential endangered species as prices of some products reach very high value in legal and illegal markets. In the case of octopus, international markets offer an opportunity for producers, but they have to comply with certifications that few can do. To learn about the distribution of benefits from the trade of these resources and how the benefits might differ among traded species, we mapped the value chain of the octopus and shark fisheries in the southeast of Mexico and analyse the relationships among nodes and actors involved directly on the extraction and trade processes. Few product presentations, mislabel of products, and lack of traceability were common problems observed in both case; traceability is lost at an early stage of the value chain. Internationally traded seafood seem to be playing an increasing role in moving towards the improvement of fisheries sustainability and governance in one side (octopus case), but is an incentive to increase fishing pressure on resources like sharks (fins). We discuss the problems and
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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