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Frameworks for Implementing Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM): NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment and the Global Large Marine Ecosystem Programs Public Deposited

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  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) executes a number of activities that support a more holistic way of studying and managing marine resources, namely an ecosystem-based approach to management (EBM). This presentation will provide an overview of NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) program as well as Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) program. NOAA’s IEA program is implementing an approach to support EBM in socio-ecological systems ( The approach provides a common iterative, adaptive, and scalable science-based framework to support marine resource decision-making in an ecosystem context. The approach includes identifying priority societal and ecological goals and objectives or targets, assessing the status and trends of the components of the ecosystem, analyzes the risk to those components, evaluates the likely future state of the system and ecological and social-economic outcomes and trade-offs of alternative management scenarios to inform management decisions, and monitoring and evaluation after management action is taken. The LME approach, originally designed by NOAA and adopted by the Global Environment Facility in 1991 as the marine component of their International Waters focal area, provides a framework that, through cooperative international projects, guides developing countries’ actions towards sustainability and recovery of marine ecosystems and their transboundary resources. Recently, a project called “LME:LEARN” was initiated providing the community with a platform for knowledge sharing to support capacity building for improved global ecosystem-based science and governance of LMEs ( One of the products is guidance for a tiered process for economic valuation of ecosystem services. A brief description will be shared.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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