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Commercial Fishing Safety in the Northeast U.S. Multispecies Groundfish Fishery: Exploring whether catch share management makes a difference Public Deposited

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  • Safety outcomes are one measure of the performance of a commercial fishery. Catch share management, which allocates fishing quota to individual vessels or entities, may reduce economic incentives to engage in risky behavior in the “race to fish”. The Multispecies Fishery in the Northeast region of U.S. is considered the one of the region’s most dangerous commercial fisheries. Catch share management was implemented in a portion of the fishery in 2010. This study presents a direct measure for risk-taking behavior and vessel safety, using the Northeast Multispecies Fishery as a case study. The objectives of this work are to allow for empirical comparison across federally managed commercial fisheries within a region and throughout the U.S., and to identify factors that may contribute to sustained risk-taking behavior, regardless of management approach.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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