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A white paper on future NJIT research for the new president of NJIT from the NJIT Faculty Senate Research Committee

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  • The NJIT Faculty Senate Committee on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Academic Activities (Research Committee) drafted a white paper on recommendations for Future NJIT Research that represents the consensus of the Research Committee. It was approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate and sent to the new president of NJIT. There are three main sections 1) Faculty Governance - where we recommend a) decentralizing both authority and responsibility in support of increased innovation and productivity based on Transparency, Communication, and Equity and b) eliminating the disconnect between the Institute’s vision and mission and the P&T process to strengthen interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research; 2) Graduate Students & Postdocs – where we recommend increasing the number of PhD students and postdoc researchers, and; 3) Resources – where we recommend enhancing and efficiently utilizing resources for research, including efficient allocation of space, TA lines, support staff, equipment, etc.
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  • Stevenson, Washington, USA
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