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Strategic Adaptions on Climate Shocks in Malleable Employment of Fishing Community by E–Skill Inventory: A Case of Southern Coast of Sri Lanka Public Deposited

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  • Changes of weather pattern and unpredictable occurrence of storms, rough sea and cycloneconditions have become a greater complication for fishing community in southern coast of Sri Lanka. Climatic differences created peak and off season for the fishing community in marine. The study was based on Sothern coastwhere consist of long tradition of fishing, economical & social hotspot of fisheries&aims to investigate the responses of fishermen and women on climate shocks & strategic intervention for mitigate the risks. 90value chain actors were used to in-depth analysis while majority didn’t perform any productive activity to generate money or to mitigate the risks of climate shocks. The study identified that people who do nothing in off season cause to create social unrest. Female actors more malleable in labor than male while females are more vulnerable to climatic shocks. Only limited number of people with strong social bonds were able to manage the disaster burden engaging cottage fish processing & boat repairing. During a shock condition relying on past savings cause debt trap due to less current productivity. Strategic intervention by Decisionsupport system with built skill inventory identified to mitigate the employment malleability. Further, it can be developed as an E-Employment bazaar where create a common platform, link potential employers and fishing community. Registered fishing community members will categorize under different skill levels which creates potential employment opportunities for both men and women. Development of E-Employment bazaar on mobile platform tend to more user friendly and attract more actors.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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