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Awareness and Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Artisanal and Coastal Fishing in Southwest, Nigeria

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  • Use of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) is critically important in production systems and environmental management in Nigeria. Despite the importance of fisheries to Nigeria’s economy and the indispensable role of IKS in it, IKS used in fishing households have not been adequately researched. This study identified and examined the utilization of IKS in fishing in Southwest, Nigeria. Data obtained from 171 fisher-folks, eight key informants and eight FGDs were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and the logistic regression model. The study revealed that 34 indigenous knowledge (IK) items were being used. A categorization of IK items based on IKS use index (IKSUI) revealed that about 21.0%, 32.0% and 47.0% of IK items were poorly-used, moderately-used and highly-used, respectively. Also, about 15.0%, 33.0% and 52.0% of fisher-folks were categorized as low-users, moderate-users and high-users of IK, respectively. About 86.9% believed that IK is better and more effective than Western Knowledge (WK), 71.4% believed that IK reduces production cost and 70.2% affirmed that it increases output. Age of household head, fishing experience and number of elderly people in household, were significantly positively related to IKS use while household’s fishing income, household head’s education and number of fishing boats/canoes showed negative relationships with IK use. About 92.0% of fisher-folks posited that IKS is their only means of increasing and sustaining fishing and fishing income. It is concluded that IKS is very important in fisheries in the study area and that a documentation of fishing IKS be carried out in Nigerian fishing communities.
  • Keywords: Fisheries Economics, Management and Development: Small-scale Fisheries, Fishing Sector Behavior and Activities
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  • Mafimisebi, Taiwo, A. Famoofo, and O. Mafimisebi. 2014. Awareness and Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Artisanal and Coastal Fishing in Southwest, Nigeria. In: Towards ecosystem based management of fisheries: what role can economics play?: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, July 7-11, 2014, Brisbane, Australia. Complied by Ann L. Shriver & Melissa Errend. Corvallis, OR: International Institute of Fisheries.
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  • Fisheries Research & Development Corporation, World Wildlife Fund, MG Kailis Group, AquaFish Innovation Lab, NOAA Fisheries, The European Association of Fisheries Economists, Japan International Fisheries Research Society, United Nations University, NORAD
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