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Innovations in Governance Reform of Highly Migratory and Transboundary Fisheries at the Local and Regional Scales Public Deposited

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  • The World Bank’s Global Environmental Facility’s empanelled the Global Think Tank (GloTT) to examine the use of incentive compatible management (ICM) in Area Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) fisheries. This presentation summarizes the conclusions project that compiled examples of the use of ICM principles in ABNJ fisheries management. This larger effort focused on the incentive compatible activities that are being planned, underway or are completed in ABNJ fisheries across the globe. The focus of this summary was on the pre-implementation, implementation, design and performance, where available, of these ICM tools. An outgrowth of this larger effort was the development of an overarching framework that describes the universe of ICM tools. This framework will be discussed in light of how these tools can be applied in the real world where the perfect, first best conditions are rarely met. The presentation concludes by drawing broad conclusions on the pre-implementation and implementation successes so that they can inform the future movement toward the use of incentive compatible interventions in transboundary fisheries to enhance triple bottom line outcomes. The practical policy advice resulting from this review of ICM in practice was binned into categories that include; motivation and cohesion, definitions, livelihoods, equity and fairness, side payments, markets and nudging, graduality, enabling conditions and non-governmental organization roles in the ICM process, and it is this practical advice that will be the focus of this presentation.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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